The following organizations will have a table of information at the event:

Central Oregon Localvore

Central Oregon Locavore is an aggregator of local merchants and an online marketplace of locally-grown and locally-produced products. Basically, we are a one-stop locals shopping site, kind of like a traditional grocery store, only we are online, and all of our products are local.  We support the local economy by providing local produce, locally raised grass-fed meats and all kinds of different foods and products that are made right here in Central Oregon.

Common Table
Common Table is a non-profit Social Entrepreneurship project for the betterment of our community and world.  At the core of Common Table is a café from which we endeavor to serve extraordinary food to all people, both those with the ability to pay, and those who under typical circumstances would not be able to eat at a café of our quality.  The Social Entrepreneurship model that we have studied and intend will allow Common Table to serve the privileged and under-privileged, while being sustainable for many years without major annual infusions of new donations.

The Environmental Center

The Environmental Center's mission is to embed sustainability into daily life in Central Oregon. Their day-to-day job is to translate sustainability into practical, local action to create a healthy future for people and the planet.  Current programs areas include: Youth Education, Zero Waste, Transportation and Sustainable Business.  They also host a variety of events that bring like-minded people together to learn about sustainability and other environmental issues in the community.

Food Hub

By the flat or by the field, By the head or by the herd… FoodHub helps you find your perfect match.  Whether you buy or sell fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood or specialty items, our online system accommodates multiple distribution strategies and various order sizes. It’s easy to use and a great place to meet and do business over food.

Friends of Family Farmers

Friends of Family Farmers is building a strong and united voice for Oregon's independent family farmers, food advocates, and concerned citizens who are working to foster an approach to agriculture that respects the land, treats animals humanely, sustains local communities, and provides a viable livelihood for family farmers.


Kids@Heart is a regional collaborative initiative led by the Heart Institute and is sharply focused on reversing the rising trend of childhood obesity. Our partnership is growing daily and includes representatives from public health departments, school districts, practitioners of Warm Springs Health and Wellness, Parks and Rec, community-based nonprofit organizations, health advocacy groups and members of the medical community throughout Jefferson, Crook and Deschutes Counties.

Rogue Farm Corps

Rogue Farm Corps exists to create hands-on educational programs to train the next generation of farmers and land stewards, to support our cooperative agricultural economy, and serve as a model for other communities.

Veg Net Bend

VegNet promotes education and demonstration of a healthy lifestyle; a plant based diet for our bodies, our world, and all the creatures who share it. For the animals, For your health, For the planet..

If you are interested in having a table at the Food Summit 

contact Katrina Van Dis for more information.


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